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Chiburim is Hebrew for Connections.

We help Christian and Messianic believers to bless the nation and people of Israel by connecting Israeli world travellers to our network of international hosts, who offer a warm welcome and hospitality as they host Israelis in their own homes, as a way to demonstrate their love and support for the Israeli/Jewish people.

Israelis are travelling all over the world and many are on a much needed time out after completing their mandatory military service. If visiting your country they may be passing through your neighbourhood, giving you an opportunity to encourage and host them in your own home, as and when you are able.

Host Israelis with Chiburim

Come join in as a host with Chiburim and make a meaningful gesture of friendship to Israelis. Hosts are asked to offer a warm welcome and accommodation only and may offer the accommodation for free or ask for a small donation to help cover hosting costs.

Please click here to view the online host application which contains specific info regarding hosting. You may also apply to join as a host and host Israelis with Chiburim using the same application form.

Be reassured in hosting with Chiburim as it is the original and only, non-commercial international hosting network for Israeli travellers in the world, and the only one that provides the host’s contact information to Israelis free of charge. This means there are no commercial tourism hospitality expectations from Israelis using Chiburim and therefore no commercial tourism pressures placed upon hosts in Chiburim. This encourages appreciation and respect between hosts and their Israeli guests, helping both parties toward a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

To learn more about Chiburim, please click here.

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