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Israeli Testimonials

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing hospitality. Your warm caring and loving heart truly made us feel like home. We were inspired by the atmosphere you create in this house, and we believe that all the people here felt it too.

Oshry & Adi

At a certain point I’ve noticed that while you were playing the guitar and singing, all five of us were completely happy. May be it’s thanks to the heavenly environment around, may be it’s thanks to you, may be for the all of us together and for sure thanks to God! Thank you for that thing we can’t buy with money!


You’ve been the first family we stayed with in New-Zealand, and you’ll always be the first to remember… We miss you soooo much and we wish we could stay with you for a little bit longer… We really want to thank you for the once-in-a-lifetime experience we had with you, and we urge you to come and visit us as well… Yours with great love & huge kisses.

Romi + Ronny

It was a pleasure to stop in our way and meet you. Thank you for being here for us and for everyone else, for your beautiful thinking and intention. May every morning that shine, light your face and make you smile and joy for every moment of the day, thank you.

Saar, Osnat & Eliyahu

Thanks a lot for the wonderful hospitality it’s great to know that there are great people as you in the world. You are welcome to visit us in Israel

Nilly & Moti

Thank you so much for letting me taste from the peace you live in. I guess nature does things to us… I’ve asked where did you get all this relaxation… Keep smiling, keep loving God so much, this is probably one more reason for your inner peace.


Thank you so much for the warm hospitality!!! It’s so fun to come to a place that you can feel like home in the middle of that journey… Thank you so much for that. Love,


We had a good and tasty time here, and we wish you and the blessing Chiburim organization all the best. Thank you.

Nadav & Ya’ara

First I have to say that for sure I will never forget the special time I had here, and especially the last night, when we sat altogether and sang songs. The time that I had at your house was one of the most leisure and rural experience I ever had. Thank you for everything, for the lovely hospitality.


My name is Adi and i just read your note in “Chiburim” i live near tel – aviv and i am travelling for 4 months now, been around Thailand and N.Z., i am flying to Australia — Melbourne. if it is possible, i would like to stay with you during my first days, it would be much help for me, getting to figure out what i want to do around Australia. I would be very thankful for your response.


It really warms the heart to know that there are people who truly cares and loves Israel. During our travelling, we stayed with two “chiburim” families. One was in N.Z, the other host was from Aus. Both hosts were very kind to us and opened their home and heart to us. We would like to show our appreciation to you and to all the good people out there who host Israelis with great love. THANK YOU!


Hi, my name is Ido and I was just came back from n.z. I have to say that I have made many friends using Chiburim. Thank you.


I really thank you you, it such a beautiful thing to do. we so far away from home but with chiburim you feel at home, it’s been a great help and the funny thing that we heard about chiburim by mistake. a lovley guy heard us speaking hebrew and just invite us to sleep in his house. more power to him and all you. a big thanks from me and all the israelies”. Thanks!!!!


Thank you very much for the warm wellcome. As an Israeli traveler i want to appretiate the program of chiburim traveling NZ and AUS.


“I’m moran and i was traveling in n.z for 2 mounth. i just wanted to say that it is really the nicest thing i have ever herd about and i’m really thankfull for that! if ther anything that i can help with just say so…i will use this in australia. thank u again”!


I want to thank you for helping in such a way to israelis I would love to host members in the chiburim who will arive some day to Israel”. sincerlly yours.


Hello, my name is Samuel. I have just arrived to Brisbane for a good long holiday and just wanted to say how much i love chiburim.


first of all, thank you very much for the thing you’re doing for Israel. I personally respect that more than you can imagine.


i write u after i finished my trip in new zealand yesterday. i used chiburim 3 times and 3 families host me at their home. i enjoy very much and want to thank u about that.


hi , way2go on chiburim. it’s a great idea!!! keep up the great work! its a really important schlichut! (service). thanks 4 everything.


I am taking lots of cards that wrote “Thank you”, so i Must gave them in my trip! Keep In Touch”.


first of all, we would like to say that we are both big supporters of Chiburim, staying with as much hosts as we can. we really appreciate your Chiburims perspective on not charging any money from israeli travellers”. God bless you, SHANA TOVA!


hello. my name is galit and im from israel. i just want to say thank you all very much for this wonderful idea. it makes me feel so much more relaxed to come to australia and to know that some one will be there for me in time of need. hope to see some of you soon.


Hi, first of all, i think it is a beautiful thing you’ve done. i’m going to the UK soon to use chiburim. Thanks.


hey !!!, my name is Orr (light in english) and i’m traveling in nepal now ,on my way to your lovely NZ. i would like to join to your unusual and wonderfull organisation, and to be abale to get the host’s details, pleas!!. TODDA !!! Thanks),helo and have a good one”!


Chiburim is very good, it was very helpful. Thank you.


Host Testimonials

“I have just had another delightful couple, Moris & Arbel, who left yesterday after 3 days with us. The week before I had Yehuda for 3 days, which was a really special time. We shared a Shabbat meal on the Friday night. Every one I have had staying is keeping in touch via email, which is so precious! Two couples are now back in Israel, and still writing. I am believing for ‘Next year in Jerusalem'”!


“Hi, or should I say shalom! We have had quite a few Israeli travellers already. They are REALLY worth having as they help me to rediscover my heritage”


Hosting is a great way to learn about Israel and its people. It has given me a better understanding of the old testament and at the same time, made many new friends.


Why do we host, because the God of Israel has placed a real love of Israel and its people in our heart. As far as we are concerned, it is very much a two way street. Yes we do offer them a place to stay and maybe food or whatever, but in return we have been blessed in many ways. When people live in your home, you build much stronger friendships than in normal circumstances. They become kind of like family, and as a result of this we now have many families in Israel where we can stay. Our life is enriched through sharing with these people, on a social, cultural and spiritual level. It has also helped us to appreciate what we have here in New Zealand. Many times I have seen the look of amazement grow on the faces of different Israelis as they start to realise we don’t hate them. That in fact we care for them. It is almost beyond comprehension for some of them. There are many verses in the bible that state we as believers should care for Israel and its people, but one verse speaks to me personally and sums up in a practical way what hosting is all about – Romans 12 v13 “share with God’s people who are in need, practice hospitality.


Hosting to me is a great way to bring the world to my doorstep. I enjoy sharing ideas, meals and music. I am really interested in Israel and its people, so look forward to meeting many more of them.


I would strongly maintain your position on no charges to Israeli guests because this really impressed my first two guests and their mother, in Israel who was overcome by our hospitality. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


We are still enjoying hosting with Chiburim. We have lots of contacts now and feel like we are making life long friends.


All is going well, we are having great times…. All visitors are top shelf personalities.


It is always a pleasure to host Israeli travellers. This is a practical way I can show support for them, especially in view of the propaganda war being waged against them in the media. Also because I understand how it feels to be a traveller in a strange land, as I have travelled in Israel and been very warmly hosted by Israeli families. Am yisrael chai.


My family loves hosting Israelis that come to our town. One reason is that it is a good opportunity to meet other people from another country and culture. Another reason is a personal one for me. When I was a young girl of 12 my mother let me watch a television movie. It was about WW2 and what happened to the Jews… The program was called ‘Holocaust’. I had been familiar with WW2 concerning that Hitler was trying to take Britain, but I was not familiar with what he had done with the Jewish people. My world was rocked at that point. I was terrified and horrified, my heart ached for those people. From that point in my life, a love for the Jewish people grew in my heart. Now here I am, 20 odd years later, with this amazing opportunity to relay my love to this people. To touch the hearts of not just the ones that enter our home, but, through them we are touching the ones who went through the agony of that time. I count this as a great honor and a privilage and I will treasure this for all the days of my life. In this time, it is politically incorrect to discriminate against people. But the Jewish race (and other races too), in some places are discriminated against. They feel what people think of them, they hear it in the voices and actions of people. Here is an opportunity to show love. To let this people feel loved, to hear the love. And lets face it… Everyone needs and deserves to be loved.


All my guests have been very impressed with Chiburim. There has not been ONE negative comment! Thank you so much for what you have done to establish it all, and to strengthen the ties. When my guests left we did not have time for a real ‘goodbye’, so I wrote them a letter telling them that no matter what the media and the world tells them in the days ahead, there is a remnant of us in every nation of the world who will always stand with them, and love them and be praying for them.


We are having a great time, they are all great house guests. Much fun, laughter, tours…. A deep blessing.


Had some lovely guests. They prepared a Shabbat meal for us, which was really nice. Still keeping in touch also.


Had a great time with our guest Adi, she continues to stay in contact with us very regularly, sharing her travels with us!


Often we are asked why do we do this, why do we host Israelis? One of the reasons is simple, if you have an Israeli in your house, you have a great salad maker!! But there are other reasons. We have both spent time in Israel and over the years have developed a real love for Israel and its people. We enjoy the cultural exchanges on a social level, but also we want our children to grow up as friends of Israel. Through our Israeli visitors, many of our family and friends have seen a face of Israel that is different than the one on the media. We feel that hosting is a two fold blessing, both to us and the Israelis we host.


Ziki and Hila left me a most beautiful thank you card. They were very favourably impressed with their initial experience of Chiburim. They were surprised at the love and support for Israeli’s outside of Israel. This is a real encouragement to them.


Nimrod and his wife Michal want to keep in touch. They’ve had incredible experiences in Australia, and made good friends in NZ.


We’ve hosted our first 2 Israelis, and this was a magnificent opportunity to share experiences – both ways! Thanks Chiburim, for this opportunity!


Yaron, the young bloke who stayed with us for longer ended up being like family.


We have hosted about 10 young Israelis over the last several months and they have all been a pleasure to have.


Well, I had my first 2 Israeli guests. They were young people from Tel-Aviv. We had a lovely meal together and a very interesting morning talking. Delightful!


Adi will contact us next time she’s in Melbourne. Ah the joys of hosting. We love it!