Do Israelis know that all the hosts in Chiburim are Christian and Messianic believers?

Yes. Israelis are informed that all the hosts in Chiburim are Christian and Messianic believers who, as a result of their Biblically based faith in the God of Israel, wish to host as a practical way to demonstrate their friendship, love and support for the Israeli/Jewish people.

What does Chiburim ask hosts to provide?

Chiburim only asks hosts to provide a warm welcome and accommodation for their Israeli guests.

  • Anything more than that, like food, meals, laundry etc. is at the discretion of the individual host and Israelis are made aware of this on the Hebrew website. However for some round-the-table fellowship we recommend that hosts share in at least one meal with their Israeli guests.
  • Concerning food and meals. Hosts may ask Israelis to bring their own food if they wish, or offer to share food, and if the host wants to provide a meal simply ask Israeli guests if there is anything they don’t eat, like pork or certain seafood for example. Hosts may decide to offer Israelis to prepare meals themselves or share in enjoying a Shabbat meal together. In essence, host in the way that suits you.

What can hosts communicate to Israelis via their host listing?

Quick overview points:

  • By choosing a category hosts can offer to host Israelis for free, or can mention that a small donation is appreciated to help toward covering hosting costs, or for those with commercial accommodation Chiburim asks them to offer a discounted rate to Israelis.
  • Hosts can communicate their specific accommodation offer.
    • How many Israelis they can host, what accommodation they are offering, gender preference if any, singles, unmarried/married couples, for how long starting at 1 night, how much advance notice does the host need etc.
  • Hosts can write a little about themselves, their location, public transport, shops, local attractions, add a welcome to Israelis etc.
  • Hosts have total flexibility to hide their hosting information and take a break from hosting at any time, so that they can host when it is convenient for them.
  • Once the newly registered host is happy with their host information and preferences re hosting Israelis Chiburim will display that listing to Israeli travellers so that they can make direct contact to the host.
    • Chiburim will not display the host’s family name or the specific physical address. Israelis will see a google map locator within 3 miles/5km of the host’s home and hosts provide the Israelis with their exact home address once Israelis have made contact with the host.

Is there advice available to fill out the application form?

Within the Hosting Israelis Application Form, for every field, applicants are given clear advice in a help box to aid them in completing the form. Therefore, most practical questions regarding hosting Israelis are answered within the application form.

  • For example if the host applicant is unsure regarding what is most suitable for them re hosting females, males, unmarried couples, etc. it is all dealt with so it isn’t an obstacle to hosting.

I’m ready to join as a host to Israelis, what do I do next?

Please click here to have a look through our very simple and user friendly Application Form that has helpful information displayed for each specific field of the application which will answer questions regarding the practical points of hosting Israelis.

Please complete and send the application form to apply to become a host to Israelis. Thank you!